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Hydrating Collagen Mask

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a real hydration bath



Hydrating Collagen Mask

This is bio cellulose mask packed with moisturising active ingredients. Adheres to the shape of your client’s face depositing serum on the epidermis for optimal infusion

Active Ingredients

Marine Collagen – Protein naturally present in the skin, it brings suppleness and elasticity. Forms a protective film on the surface which prevents dehydration.

Chrono Moisturising Complex  –  Hyaluronic Acid and Bio saccharide. Combination of these to powerful hydrating elements will stimulate longevity of skin cells.

RESULT –  +130% hydration upon application

Application – apply the mask starting at the top of the face, then adjust, paying attention to eye and lip area. Leave on for 20 mins, remove mask and gently massage in any excess serum




PIER AUGÉ is Anti Aging skin care manufactured in France With over 50 years of experience, PIER AUGÉ works for women beauty involving all its specific and controlled know-how. The integrated Research and Development laboratory of PIER AUGÉ selects the best of active ingredients to create high-performing products.
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