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Cryo Structurel – set of 5 treatments


Cryo Structurel – set of 5 treatments

The combination of hp DNA and Hyaluronic Acid has been rewarded for its exceptional nature in 1988 by the CNRS and the ANVAR, the two highest French scientific authorities who described the Anti-Ageing Program Cryo-Restructurel as a real biological face-lift.

A complete program suitable to individual requirements from radiance to facelift which meets all your beauty concerns:
1 session for radiance
3 sessions for a deep anti-ageing
5 sessions for a biological facelift !

This comes in a kit which contains all necessary products and items to perform 5 full treatments.

To extend the benefits of these treatments at home, PIER AUGÉ selects 4 products advisable to your customers :

SAVON Cleansing Cream
Regenerating Tri-active Treatment COMPLÉTUDE
ADN PRÉCIEUX Youth Firming Serum
Resourcing Treatment Mask DOUCE AURA



PIER AUGÉ is Anti Aging skin care manufactured in France With over 50 years of experience, PIER AUGÉ works for women beauty involving all its specific and controlled know-how. The integrated Research and Development laboratory of PIER AUGÉ selects the best of active ingredients to create high-performing products.
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Weight 750 g


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